Blog Post #7: Omeka

This week, I discovered a new DH tool called Omeka. Maybe you have used it before, maybe you have not! Omeka is a great way for creators to collaborate on a specific topic and contribute their findings. Once each creator adds to the site, Omeka takes and lists them in categories like items, or exhibits.

How is this some form of data though? I thought that before I contributed to our #Graffitiart archive. However, each item is given a list to fill out, including specifics, description, type, relation, tags and maps. This way, Omeka can record and connect which items have what in common. I thought it was particularly interesting that more than one item has the same or similar tags. For example, from this experience, I used #color and #portrait, and was pleasantly surprised to find that many of my other peers had also written those tags down.

Photo by Burst on

This Omeka activity was the first experience for me, but was not for others. The LGBT archive mentioned in Blog Post #6 was also formatted with Omeka. Their items and exhibits were categorized things like tags and maps too. Therefore, when searching for specifics, it was easier and more convenient.

In my opinion, the conventional archives we have seen are way different than the graffiti art one in that the conventional ones are made for more global issues or challenges. The creators are passionate about their topic and the knowledge is derived from their facts and opinions.

I thought this graffiti art archive was really cool and fun, but all in all, it did not have any sense of purpose, unless the item was spray painted to make a statement. I hope the next Omeka activity I use, which will hopefully be in my final DH project, will contribute to attaining knowledge and a better understanding of the topic- women’s mental health (to be talked about more soon!)

Photo by Bryan Gomes on
Photo by ShonEjai on

Dighton, D. (2020). English 392. Retrieved October 09, 2020, from

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